My name's Miranda Bradberry and I am the creator of The Athleisurely Life! I'm so happy you've found yourself at the go to destination for all things athleisure. 

I was born in Southern California but grew up in a small action-sport obsessed town in Oregon, where I always kept active doing ballet, cheerleading, gymnastics and yoga. AKA I lived in leotards and tights. I was raised as a vegetarian (yes, that means I have never eaten meat) in a very health-conscious household with a philosophy towards eating based on awareness and balance. 

I graduated high-school thinking I wanted to be a professional photographer, and found myself in sunny Santa Barbara, CA where I moseyed through college, took a million art and photography classes, dabbled in modeling, started my favorite routine of morning beach workouts, and never changed out of my Lululemons. Eventually I ended up managing a barre fitness studio where I fell in love with doing the buying for our retail section. I would (and still do) love taking look books home for my coffee table, just to drool over all the cute yoga clothes. I found myself obsessively researching new brands and always starting up conversations with clients about where they got their yoga pants and answering questions for them about the fit and feel of the different ones I was wearing everyday.

After moving to Los Angeles in summer '16, starting a blog about my love for athleisure apparel just came natural by combining my passions for photography and an active lifestyle. I hope you enjoy my curated selection of the top active wear apparel and everything else I have in store. 

xo, M


Interested in collaborating?   Feel free to send me an email at: TheAthleisurelyLife@gmail.com