The Athleisurely Review

New York, New York

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I know, this is a few days late but, it was intended to be a V-Day post! My actual Valentine's Day went by SO quick I completely forgot to publish this. I hope you all still love it just as much as you would if it were actually posted on the 14th! And I hope everyone had a special love-filled day. xoxo

Without further ado, I'm so excited because I finallyyyy got to try out Ivy Park leggings! The hope was turning into Beyonce when putting these on.

FABRIC: I was expecting this fabric to be a lot thicker than it really was. It feels very silky and thin. Perfect for sweaty Soul Cycle classes, but the issue I found with this thin fabric is, there is a zipper pocket on the back of this pair, and the whole pocket lining looked bulky through the fabric. 

BOOTY FACTOR: Not see through, but you definitely could not get away with wearing granny panties because the fabric is so thin. As for a sculpting factor, the actual legging fabric didn't do much, but the waist band was nice and thick, and placed in just the right spot to help a little.

FIT / SIZING: Great fit. I usually wear a size small, and their small fit perfect! 

WHERE TO WEAR: SOUL CYCLE FOR SURE. These are super thin and breathable, perfect for heated sweaty cardio sessions! 

xo - M


Vimmia - Bold Capri

The Athleisurely Review

El Porto, California

Guys I found the white hot leggings of the summer! Even though the start of summer in California means June Gloom, I will be wearing these leggings starting now until forever. If I could design a pair of summer leggings, these would be them. If you couldn't tell by now, white is my favorite color, so I instantly am partial to anything in this color (or um, non-color? hmmm).

FABRIC: You can honestly feel the difference of high quality in Vimmia's fabrics. It is nice and thick and holds up really well. Also, the mesh on these is super comfortable. I love that this pair is more than half mesh, perfect for hot summer workouts!

BOOTY FACTOR: Not black granny panty approved, but if you are wearing nude, your'e good to go!

FIT / SIZING: I am wearing a small in these, and they fit perfect! I also loveeee the slanted cut where the mesh begins, it's perfect for a slimming effect!

WHERE TO WEAR: I am wearing these to a hot HIIT class at Sweat Theory tomorrow, and think they are going to be perfect for the sweaty occasion! 

Sun + Cobalt - Jac Leggings

Hood River, OR 

Leggings: Sun + Cobalt  Shoes: Madden Girl  

If you guys haven't noticed the marble trend on absolutely EVERYTHING lately, you've been snoozing. These leggings will keep your comfy and trendy. I love that the print is nice and light and the marbling looks a little smokey compared to other tiger stripe-y marbles I've been seeing.

I love everything and anything that is white, so I was so excited to shoot these leggings from new brand Sun + Cobalt. I wanted to shoot them in a location that had a lot of blue tones and was planning on doing so in Big Sur, but when I was in Oregon this past weekend, I thought the colors of the Columbia River Gorge would be perfect! 

FABRIC: This fabric is sooo soft and comfy. It's comparable to Beyond Yoga's coconut buttery fabric. And that's saying something. 

BOOTY FACTOR: Not see through yayyyy. Also, they don't have compression, so they are perfect for lounging and all day wear. 

FIT / SIZING: When I first saw these laying flat, the hip area really curves out, and I was like ohhh nooo, I have no curves, these totally are not going to fit me. But they did fit! They were a tiny bit bunchy around the hips, but if you have any sort of a booty it would fix that. They also have a cell phone pocket around the waist and I love that. 

WHERE TO WEAR: I wore these for a travel day and didn't want to take them off. They were so cozy and didn't cut in or feel like my body was being suffocated so I could wear them all day long. For active activities, I would wear them to a barre class!  

p.s. I am obsessed with anything that has pom poms on it, so I bought these shoes for easter and am so in love!

xo - M 

S H O P: more marble prints and pom-pom shoes below! 

Be Bold Activewear - Future Reflective Legging

Los Angeles, California 

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since my last post! I've been traveling, got super sick and it has been non-stop raining in LA so we haven't been able to go out and shoot. Buttttt the sun is finally out again so we immediately took advantage of the good weather and shot these new leggings in the hills yesterday! It feels so great to be back at it. I put a lot of work into putting this post together, so I hope you enjoy! 

The leggings I am wearing are from Be Bold activewear. I have been seeing metallics everywhere and was excited to try these out. These are the first leggings Be Bold has put out, so I was a little skeptical at how the quality would be. I am happy to say that I was SO pleasantly surprised! 

FABRIC: Loved the on trend metallic fabric. It was a tiny bit itchy along the waist band, but that was to be expected from this awesome looking fabric, and after the first few minutes of wearing I didn't notice at all. 

BOOTY FACTOR: Not see through! Woo hoo!

FIT / SIZING: They were a perfect fit! The mesh was long enough to wear over the ankle, but I wore it cuffed up a bit because I have super short legs! The only thing I would change about these to make them an all time fav, would be the height of the seam between the mesh and the metallic fabric. Right now it hits right at the knee, which I felt didn't help elongate my legs, and instead has the opposite effect. (And I need all the help I can get the long legs department.) I'm excited to see what's next for Be Bold! 

WHERE TO WEAR: I wore these to a Flywheel Spin class and they were amazing! The mesh was super breathable, and the waistband stayed perfectly in place through the entire class! 

xo - M