Vimmia - Bold Capri

The Athleisurely Review

El Porto, California

Guys I found the white hot leggings of the summer! Even though the start of summer in California means June Gloom, I will be wearing these leggings starting now until forever. If I could design a pair of summer leggings, these would be them. If you couldn't tell by now, white is my favorite color, so I instantly am partial to anything in this color (or um, non-color? hmmm).

FABRIC: You can honestly feel the difference of high quality in Vimmia's fabrics. It is nice and thick and holds up really well. Also, the mesh on these is super comfortable. I love that this pair is more than half mesh, perfect for hot summer workouts!

BOOTY FACTOR: Not black granny panty approved, but if you are wearing nude, your'e good to go!

FIT / SIZING: I am wearing a small in these, and they fit perfect! I also loveeee the slanted cut where the mesh begins, it's perfect for a slimming effect!

WHERE TO WEAR: I am wearing these to a hot HIIT class at Sweat Theory tomorrow, and think they are going to be perfect for the sweaty occasion!