Beyond Yoga- Strappy Ballet Legging

Pressed Juicery - El Segundo, California

Bra: Forever 21 (past season) Leggings: Beyond Yoga 

Happy Humpday!

I'm obsessed with the detailing on these strappy ballet leggings from Beyond Yoga! Although it does take an extra minute to put these on, it's worth it. Beyond Yoga did an amazing job finding the perfect balance in detail and not getting too carried away.

FABRIC: Beyond Yoga wins for fabric everytime. These are in their signature space dye fabric and feel like a velvety second skin.

BOOTY FACTOR: They don't have a lift or sculpting booty factor, but they aren't see through! :D 

FIT / SIZING: True to size and they stretch a tonnnn. 

WHERE TO WEAR: Yoga of coarse! Even though it's not winter in California it is in other states and these leggings will keep you warm in between class. 

xo - M