AARY ATHLETICA - Draw The Line Tights | Sustainable Activewear Review

The Athleisurely Review

Carmel-by-the-sea, California

Hi guys! I had a crazy busy past two weeks, but The Athleisurely Earth Month is back!!! Today I’m featuring this super cute set from Aary Athletica.

WHAT AARY IS DOING TO HELP THE PLANET: Aary uses eco-friendly packaging that is made from plants and their labeling is made from sugar cane bagasse. They take part in the DHL Go Green Solutions initiative, and plant a tree for every item purchased!!! (They also have an eco-friendly fabric coming out soon that we are SO excited for.)

FABRIC: The fabric has a high quality feel that I love. They do warn that the detailing is printed onto white fabric, so when it stretches out can appear to be a little faded. I chose to size up to a medium because of this, and haven’t noticed a problem with that at all. They also have a little mesh detail on the bottom that looks super cute and doesn’t itch like a lot of mesh fabrics can do.

FIT / SIZING: I love their thick waist bands that hold everything in! Length is my favorite, 7/8. See above for more on how I sized.

BOOTY FACTOR: Medium compression that is the perfect amount of support that doesn’t feel too tight. :)

WHERE TO WEAR: I’ve been on a Barry’s Bootcamp kick lately and these definitely keep up with the high intensity workout!

xo - M

Shop Leggings: HERE

Shop Sports Bra: HERE

P.S. I sized up to a medium for both the sports bra and the leggings, but would love to try the bra in a size small because it did feel like it had a little extra fabric in the front.

Will Lane - Jennifer Legging

The Athleisurely Review

Manhattan Beach, California

Happy Thursday! I’m a day late for today’s review so lets keep it short and sweet!

This week’s brand is Will Lane Athletics. I love their minimalistic style and the nude tone of these leggings. P.S. - these leggings are under $100!

FABRIC: Their fabric is light, airy and breathable. I love the mesh that they use. I’ve come across some mesh fabrics that can feel too tight and itchy to the skin, almost plasticky. Will Lane’s mesh is not like that at all, you can barely even tell there’s a difference between the legging fabric and the mesh portion. It adds just the right amount of breathability.

FIT / SIZING: I got a small and they fit perfect. They’re not too tight and they don’t dig in or give you a muffin top. You could wear these all day and they wouldn’t get itchy or uncomfortable.

BOOTY FACTOR: Since the fabric is on the thinner side, they don’t have a sculpting factor. On this particular pair, the backside is nude colored fabric that is see through so make sure to wear the right undies!

WHERE TO WEAR: Somewhere sweatyyyy. Hot 8 yoga or spin. These do great when the heat is turned up.

p.s. The bra I’m wearing is called the Kali Sports Bra. I love the detailing in the back and how bold the front is. I love wearing this to events as a stand out piece. I also own the Marcella Sports Bra and it is my go-to cozy lazy Sunday bra.

xo - M

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Athleta - High Rise Jacquard Chaturanga 7/8 Tight

The Athleisurely Review

Newport Beach, California

Have you ever traveled somewhere and instantly had a sense that you were home? Like this new place you went to just seemed comfortable and right? Thats what it felt like when I tried on these Athleta tights for the first time.

This was my first time EVER trying Athleta out. I know. They are everywhere and everyone loves them, but I somehow missed the boat! So I was perusing The Grove one day and decided to finally check them out. I loved everything about this experience. The store was warm and welcoming. All their styles were clean and pretty. Their muted tones are always the colors I gravitate towards so I was in heaven. The models they featured were all different sizes. I instantly fell in love with everything about Athleta.

I actually got a ton of things, but decided to review these Jacquard Chaturanga leggings because I haven’t seen anything like them before. So lets get down to the details!

FABRIC: I chose this specific pair of leggings to review because I love love loved this fabric. It is a real jacquard texture and I felt like that gave a nice luxury spin on an everyday pair of yoga pants. The texture was only on the outside so the inside was still smooth against your skin.

FIT / SIZING + BOOTY FACTOR: They fit perfect. They don’t sculpt but they are fitted in all the right places. True to size, I didn’t feel like I was being suffocated when wearing a small. So so so comfy. I could wear these all day.

WHERE TO WEAR: Yoga! These are so comfy they won’t ride up or down or do something funky when you’re in down dog. :)

p.s. The bra I’m wearing is called the Pura Bra, I”ll link it below, but it is the comfiest bra ever. I literally wear it all the time.

xo - M