Beyond Yoga- Strappy Ballet Legging

Pressed Juicery - El Segundo, California

Bra: Forever 21 (past season) Leggings: Beyond Yoga 

Happy Humpday!

I'm obsessed with the detailing on these strappy ballet leggings from Beyond Yoga! Although it does take an extra minute to put these on, it's worth it. Beyond Yoga did an amazing job finding the perfect balance in detail and not getting too carried away.

FABRIC: Beyond Yoga wins for fabric everytime. These are in their signature space dye fabric and feel like a velvety second skin.

BOOTY FACTOR: They don't have a lift or sculpting booty factor, but they aren't see through! :D 

FIT / SIZING: True to size and they stretch a tonnnn. 

WHERE TO WEAR: Yoga of coarse! Even though it's not winter in California it is in other states and these leggings will keep you warm in between class. 

xo - M 

Lilybod - Holly

Manhattan Beach, California 

Top: Forever 21, (older style but Forever has so many more cute styles!) Leggings: Lilybod - Holly

Guys. I am sooo in love with these leggings from Lilybod! I had never heard of the brand but am so obsessed with the style, and now have a wish list of three more of their styles I want. Sometimes I think I'm allergic to color so their simple and sleek monochrome styles are right up my alley. I'm wearing Holly in this post, but their Coco, Zoe, and Lauren styles are the three that I am lusting after. :D They are also under $100 which is major bonus!

FABRIC: Athletic fabric that is moisture wicking. I thought the honey comb print was a mesh overlay from what I saw online, but it is actually a printed fabric. Mine came with a little ink flaw on the bottom right leg, but it doesn't bother me. The thin white sections of the leggings are mesh which make them extra breathable! 

BOOTY FACTOR: No lift or sculpt factor but they aren't see through! It felt like they scooped down a bit in the back so if you have a bigger booty I would probably order a size up to avoid any mishaps. 

FIT / SIZING: Oh my gosh when these came in the mail I was like "Ohh nooo they are tinyyyyyy." But they have some serious stretch to them! The length looked like they were definitely going to be cropped but once I tried them on I saw that they are my favorite ankle length. They sit on your hips, a little lower than my favorite high-waisted looks and probably the only thing I would change about them, but they're not super low-rise or anything. 

WHERE TO WEAR: Love this thinner athletic fabric. It keeps me nice and cool, so I would wear to cardio classes. I wore them to Zumba and loved them!

See you next Wednesday! (promise it will be Wednesday next weeek :D)

xo - M 

FP Movement - Infinity Legging

Hood River, OR 

Top: Free People, Leggings: Free People 

Why is everything Free People does just perfect??? I've been eying their line since they came out and was so excited to finally get my hands on some pieces! It was so fun shooting these looks in the perfect fall backdrop back home in Oregon. Happy November! 

FABRIC: Their fabric is thin and breathable and soo cozy. A serious second skin.

BOOTY FACTOR: I wasn't expecting leggings with seemingly no sculpting factor to do much but boy was I wrong. The combination of the stitching and fabric does wonders. 

FIT / SIZING: I'm wearing a small and they fit like a glove. I would say their sizing is true to size and the fabric is very stretchy so you don't have to worry about feeling constricted. 

WHERE TO WEAR: With this lighter fabric I would wear these to a cardio class like Soul Cycle or any other class that works up a sweat! 

P.S. I was so surprised in a good way when I saw this top in person. I looks like a soft ribbed cotton in all the photos of it online, but it's actually very athletic feeling, and the fit was amazing. 

See you next Wednesday!

xo - M 

Onzie - High Rise Bondage Legging

Hood River, OR

Top: Free People Movement, Pants: Onzie

Welcome to a special Halloween edition of #ThePantReview! I've probably been a cat for Halloween more times than not. It's the easiest go-to for a quick and easy costume thats comfy and cute. The mesh detailing on these Onzie leggings added a great update to the basic black leggings from past cat get-ups. I had to improv on the ears because guess who forgot her ears on my trip up north... :D

FABRIC: Onzie's fabric is more athletic feeling than other leggings I've reviewed in the past and the mesh detail makes these super breathable. 

BOOTY FACTOR: The seam that goes straight down your booty in the back kept making a weird bump up. The leggings were a little loose on me so on my next pair I'll be sure to go down a size and hopefully that will fix this! 

FIT / SIZING: Onzie's sizing is a bit different, they offer X/S, S/M, or M/L. I usually universally wear a Small and tend to like to go up a size rather than down one if I'm in between so I got the S/M. They were a little loose on me so for my next pair I'll be getting an X/S.

WHERE TO WEAR: Super breathable, I would wear these to spin or pilates! 

See you next Wednesday and have a Happy Halloween - I'm excited to see what costumes everyone comes up with this year!

xo - M